Happy Smile Happy Smile Happy Smile
Happy Smile
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Happy Smile
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Happy Smile
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Would you like to have your dental problems solved? We are dentists in Basingstoke who will listen and clearly explain your options so you can choose the treatment you have.   Would you like to feel more confident about yourself? We can improve your smile by making teeth look younger with Teeth whitening or straightening crooked teeth or permanently replacing missing teeth, with our Cosmetic Dentistry centreDo you want excellent high quality dental treatment free from discomfort? We help find a way that’s right for you to have treatment. Would you like to be looked after by friendly people who really care? Most of our patients come by personal recommendation – you’ve probably been told about us by a friend, family member or colleague. Would you like to find out exactly how much your treatment is going to cost before we begin any treatment?We give you a written estimate and advise you of any changes in advance. Do you know what’s the long term outlook for your teeth? We can help you improve your long term dental health and keep you smiling – so contact us to discover how we can do this together. Click here to take our smile check – dental implants

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Tell me, I would really love to hear about it. You would be amazed at the people, of all ages, who have finally decided to take the plunge and really improve their self confidence with just a small adjustment to their smile. All you have to do is ask. To see what you have to say about us, click here

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To help you keep your teeth in excellent condition for your whole life and minimise future treatment.

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To give you alternatives and recommend options, but leave the final decisions completely with you. To give excellent value for money.

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Our fees reflect the high standard of care we provide. To make sure that you are completely satisfied with each stage of the treatment.

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To fully explain all treatments and options in advance and to provide written estimates.

Our logo is based on the Golden Section. If you’ve read ‘The Da Vinci Code’ you will have come across it already. Basically in nature, things are in a natural proportion; the ratio 1: 0.618. Teeth and smiles are also in this proportion, so we use this concept when we rebuild smiles. It’s as simple as that. We actually use a special measuring device to do this called a golden mean gauge. “In German there is a word ‘eigenzeit’ Eigen means own and zeit means time, so in other words every living being, event, process or object has its own inherent time or pace.”