My approach to cosmetic dentistry is to keep it simple. The make-over shows make dramatic statements, but minamalistic changes to your teeth can create an
incredible smile, with small inexpenisive treatment, that doesn’t take long to do. Here are your choices:

Minor chips, marks and colour defects are easily fixable. I just use a small amount of white filling material that comes in 30 different shades of white (Dulux eat your heart out). I match a shade to your own tooth, mould the filing material into the gap and its done. It doesn’t take long; it’s not expensive and you can look much better.

I rebuild chipped and broken teeth by using tools similar to a sculptor. I love this part of my job, as it really is a work of art to hand carve a tooth to look like the original. Its great to show you how good you look in the mirror at the end of the treatment as you can really see what we’ve done.

Are your teeth mottled or stained? This can be remedied in two – five weeks. Tooth whitening is gentle and can greatly improve dark or yellow teeth.

Tooth Veneers help reshape crowded teeth; improve gappy teeth or mask over discolored teeth. They are a bit like false fingernails and are made of porcelain which covers the outside facing of the tooth.

Orthodontics (tooth straightening). This gives you a long term solution for all ages that will give you a better smile. See our tooth straightening insert for more details.

Crowns for Broken teeth – if half or more of your tooth is missing or a large filling needs to be replaced, I would normally suggest that we make a crown. This is a great treatment because it will look like your original tooth and be very strong.
Missing teeth have a variety of options from the minimalist glued on tooth called a Resin Bonded Bridge, to two missing teeth, where a more complex bridge would be used.

Often the best long term solution is a tooth implant as missing teeth are replaced with a permanent solution that looks like your own teeth. This really does offer the best and most long lasting solution and would always be the option I would recommend.

Dentures – There are new modern denture designs that can offer an alternative solution at a lower fee than for implants. Some types of modern dentures are flexible so if you accidentally drop them the dentures don’t break. Dental Implants