If half or more of your tooth is missing, or a large filing needs to be replaced, I would normally suggest that we make a crown. Basically a crown is like a very tight fitting protective helmet for a broken tooth.It protects the tooth from splitting. If you experience pain when biting on your teeth that only lasts for a short time, then you may have a crack starting in your tooth.We have a special device to check for this, so we can often diagnose the problem and place a crown before the tooth actually cracks. We also use crowns to reshape and improve the appearance of discoloured or mishapen teeth, like they do on ‘Ten Years Younger’ In fact we often use the same laboratory to manufacture the crowns that has been used for a lot of the ‘Ten Years Younger’ shows.

We think that its best to use bio compatible materials for our crowns like Dental Implants. In particular we often use metal free crowns called ‘Procera’ and ‘Lava’ that are very strong and very natural looking.

This is because we have found that some of our patients have allergies or sensitivities to various metals. We have seen redness around the edges of some old style metal crowns that may indicate a mild allergic reaction. If you cannot wear costume jewellery, please let us know.

Overall, This can be a great treatment because it will look like a natural tooth and be very strong.

“Dear Jackie, just a note to say how delighted I am with my recent dental work. Having previously had NHS crowns, the ceramic crowns they have been replaced with look so good it is difficult to tell them apart from my own teeth. I definitely have a film star smile now! I would also like to say how impressed I am with the care and skill shown by you with the preparation work and fitting. With kind regards.” Mrs MM

“Dear David, just a line to thank you for the time patience and skill that you have shown in rebuilding my front teeth using an intricate bridgework technique, especially as my last dentist wouldn’t even attempt the work and would have resigned me to having a denture fitted. I am so pleased with the results, they both look and feel very natural. Also thanks to the dental nurses who assisted you and receptionist who all made me feel at ease and comfortable. You have created a nice friendly atmosphere within the practice. Thank you once again.” Mr LK

“I’d like to say a big thank you for the reformation of my upper teeth – I hadn’t realized how unsightly they had become until you showed me the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures – What a difference, looks like I’ve had a ‘botox job’ on my teeth!” Mrs MS