The perfect long term solution for missing teeth are tooth implants. Missing teeth are replaced with a permanent solution that looks and feels like your own teeth. This really does offer the best and most long lasting solution and would be the option I would normally recommend.

There are new modern denture designs that can offer an alternative solution at a lower fee than for implants. Some types of modern dentures are flexible so if you accidentally drop them the dentures don’t break.

“Dear Dr Gates, I would firstly like to thank you very much indeed for all the trouble you went to in making me a new partial top denture. I was extremely pleased with the results. Moreover, I feel that the corrective dentistry that you performed on the remainder of my [very uneven] top teeth and all my bottom teeth has really made a massive difference to my appearance as a whole. I now feel much more confident when I smile. My friends and family cannot believe how good my teeth now look-they all think the work you have done looks very natural! Kind regards.” Mrs SM Dental Implants |