Are all your teeth your own? Do you have gaps in your smile? Would you like to change this? A Dental Implant tooth can be the ideal solution at our practice in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

I am sure you would like to keep all your own teeth throughout your life. I would too, but if you have been unfortunate enough to lose a tooth I also know the perfect way to make a new one.

Have you heard of dental implants? They are great. When each tooth is finished the implant looks just like your own tooth and unlike dentures, implants are permanent and can last a lifetime.

It does take some time and investment to create each tooth because they are individually handcrafted to suit you, but once they are in place you will feel like you can smile again. You can rest assured that your teeth will look and feel like your own again.

Come in to our practice in Basingstoke, Hampshire and chat to one of us and we will happily tell you what it’s like to have an implant placed and what to expect. It’s an amazing treatment and we know that this great treatment will become increasingly the first choice to replace a missing tooth.

3i Dental implants We use this company, who make the implants that we use, because we’ve read all the long term clinical research and know that their implants are reliable for our patients. There are some very poor implants on the market. Make sure you know what you’re getting!

Elmsleigh House implant clinic This is the team who place our implants.

We think that they are absolutely brilliant at placing implants. They’ve done over 1800 over the last 12 years and are extremely friendly and professional.

“The most major treatment I have had was a tooth implant about 3 years ago. I have never regretted the operation or the cost. The care was exceptional and I was put at complete ease at all times.” Mrs ML Dental Implant