Straightening your teeth can less time than you think. Do you want a bettter smile? You can have it.

Are your teeth exactly the way you want them? Chatting with friends and family I am often amazed at how many people would love to straighten their teeth or change a crooked smile. So few of the people I have spoken to realise just how easy it is. Rather than tell you myself I have asked a patient of mine to write about her experiences in the hope that it will encourage those of you who would really like to take the next step, to do so.

Patient’s Story

“Hello, I am a patient of Dr. Gates and I have been his patient for many years. Over the last two years I have been thinking about having a brace fitted. It felt like a really big step and I was worried that at 40 years old it might look a bit strange. I finally took the plunge in July 2006 and had a fixed brace fitted on both my top and bottom teeth.

When I got to the surgery I was a bit nervous, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Dr Gates explained the procedure to me before beginning the treatment. I needn’t have worried, both braces were in place within 45 minutes of arriving at the practice. The brackets of each brace were stuck to each tooth with some type of glue and then a wire was fed through all the brackets to keep the teeth in place. It was so easy and completely painless.

Dr Gates did advise me to eat all my hard foods before I had the brace fitted – as the teeth would feel a bit tender afterwards. It did feel strange having the braces in my mouth and I was aware of them every time I smiled for a while.

Just after the brace was fitted and probably for the first week the teeth were a bit sore and eating anything hard or chewy was uncomfortable. Soup was the best option and at the time I thought perhaps this is a good week to go on a diet. My teeth started feeling better quite quickly and if they were too sore I took some pain killers which resolved the problem.

Within a month I didn’t even know I was wearing a brace and I could eat most things. I have my braces tightened every 4 – 6 weeks to make sure my teeth straighten as quickly as possible.

The funny thing is that since wearing my braces I have noticed how many adults are wearing them too. Now that I have taken the plunge I wish I had done it sooner, it’s so easy and after just six months my top teeth are completely straight. I keep checking my teeth in mirror, I really can’t believe they are straight. I am now in the process of whitening my top teeth as I couldn’t resist going for a perfect white smile. There is an added benefit, my smile used to be crooked, something I was very aware of when I had my picture taken, this was sorted out half way through the treatment which is brilliant and makes me feel great.”

Only another three months to go before the bottom brace comes off and I can’t wait. Mrs A

“Before you know it, it’s time for them to come off. Whether its 6 months later, a year, or 2 years, you will be amazed at how quickly time has passed; and the difference, you now have perfectly straight teeth that anyone would love to have. So, if you have been told you’re going to have braces, there’s nothing to worry about, it’s all worth it in the end!!” Miss H

“Dear Dr Gates, Having finally decided as an adult to have my crooked teeth straightened I did find the prospect of having to wear a brace for 12 months or longer quite daunting. You explained each stage of the treatment to me along the way and the time actually went by much faster than I thought it would. I am pleased to say that I have now finished my treatment of braces and can smile without feeling self-conscious about doing so anymore. With thanks” Mrs SL

“Dear Dr Gates, I am writing to thank you very much for all the time and hard work you put in to making my teeth straight. I feel so much more confident about myself. I can’t stop smiling now, so thank you for all the effort you put in to make me have a better smile!” Miss LS

“I had always been self conscious of my teeth Whenever I looked in the mirror it was the first thing I saw, so I decided to do something about it. The process was at times uncomfortable, but nowhere near as painful as I expected. Once the braces came off it was all worth it. I had compliments from all my friends and family. I feel more confident and attractive. Definitely worth it.” Miss CB Dental Implant