We use the latest LASER system to detect tooth decay at a very early stage. This way we can treat early holes without drilling. Guess what – your body can often heal these early holes without any help from us. We also take regular X-rays which help tell us if something is wrong. Dental Implant

If the hole is slightly bigger and needs to be filled we use a special gel to numb your gum before we actually numb the tooth with local anesthetic. The numbing gel was originally designed for children and tastes of bubble gum – something you may not have had for a few years! If you are nervous and wish to have some sedation we can provide you with this [basically its a tablet that you take an hour before treatment that has the effect of really relaxing you.]

We do listen to any concerns you may have about dental treatment and will do everything we can to help you get through it. We will happily talk you through the treatment explaining everything we do, and what to expect as we do it OR if you don’t want to know we can keep quiet as well!

We would really like you to have lovely white teeth and for quite a lot of us whose teeth have gone yellow as the years go by, we could whiten them with a non drilling gentle treatment. If you have particularly sensitive teeth we can provide various treatments that can greatly decrease this problem without using a drill. We can provide sportguards for the athletic ones amongst you to decrease the chance of damaging your teeth whilst taking part in sporting activities. We can also make a guard which will protect your teeth at night from excess wear [some people grind their teeth down in their sleep].

If the sound of the drill puts you off, why not bring your own I-Pod to your next dental visit. We will use any method we can to help you relax, and ensure you have a comfortable visit.

“I had some repair work done on my front teeth. Jackie matched the colour, which now makes them ‘First class’. I had no injections and felt no pain, brilliant.” Mrs B

“Dear Dr Murray, I am a new patient of yours and my first visit was a check up and I was petrified, but you were patient and understanding. On Monday I had my treatment and you and your assistant were so kind to me [understanding my fear]. I can’t thank you enough, I feel very comfortable with you, my new dentist.” Mrs C F

“A very difficult extraction of a large abscessed molar was carried out with total absence of pain and a good deal of reassurance and humour!” AW

“Dear Jackie, just a little note to say thanks for putting up with me and my fear.” Mrs L [ the paranoid client who is getting better ]

“Diazepam really helped me relax [ for dental treatment ], compared to how I was before I tried Diazepam,there is a vast difference. Before I was petrified of needles and would end up in a state! Now I am really relaxed about the fact that I’m having an injection. Nothing bothers you! If you fear injections or the procedure you’re about to have ask if you can have diazepam,it does make a difference.” Miss ET

“Dear Jackie and Cherie, thank you for your amazing care, kindness and patience yesterday when you had to take out one of my son’s front teeth.

It was made 100 times easier by the humour and care from both of you. Jackie – we are very lucky to have you as our dentist and the trust we have in you made yesterday easier. Cherie-thank you for helping my son by putting the ‘bubble gum’ stuff on his gum – it really helped. Thank you Jackie for phoning us yesterday after your long day, the extra care is very much appreciated.” The M family

“Dear Jackie Thanks for the call and pulling my tooth out. I got £2 from the tooth fairy.” Master SM