How often do you smile?
Are you happy to give a big cheesy grin into the camera at weddings? When
chatting at a party are you happy to show off your teeth or do you keep you mouth firmly closed?

The brilliant thing about whitening your teeth is that you can do it at home, it only takes a few weeks and when you have finished, it really does make you look years younger.

For those of you who want to know the mechanics:
Whitening your teeth couldn’t be easier. At your first appointment I will take an impression of your teeth with some material simliar to putty so that a mouth guard can be made. One week later, when you come back to the practice, I will check that your mouthguard fits and go through the tooth whitening instructions in detail. I will then give you some whitening gel to take home with you.

Each night before going to bed, squeeze a bit of the gel into your mouthguard and place it in your mouth. Have a night’s sleep and take the mouthguard out in the morning. Brush your teeth as you always do and forget about it until the
following night. Do this for two – five weeks [depending how much whitening you need] and you will have beautiful white teeth – I said it was easy.

“I would like you to know how very pleased I am with the whitening treatment on my teeth, it has been a great success and has really improved the appearance of my teeth.” Mrs SD

“Recently I had the teeth whitening treatment and I am very happy with the results.” Mrs ML Dental Implant

“System very simple, painless cast and then a gum shield worn at night. The product had a straightforward and good effect after about 2 weeks. Overall very happy with results and well worth the minor night time inconvenience.” MJD